Properly Regulating Growth

Over the years, there have been many planning board meetings where angry residents demanded zero growth within their community. Those who thought they were lucky enough to get what they wanted soon found their property values lowering as new businesses moved to other areas. While they might have felt it was a good deal at the time, they soon found out that communities properly regulating growth have a better chance of raising area home values while adding to their local assets.

It might seem counter to common sense to allow building in a community about to burst at the seams, but allowing the right growth can enhance any community. Most of the space in any town or city is taken up with residences, and families tend to grow over the years. if there are no jobs available in an area, the children will move to communities where they can find employment. Only older couples will be left after a while, and the property values will go down. The area will not be revitalized until new people move in, and it could take decades before that occurs.

Small businesses are the main source of employment for many people, so encouraging them to move into an area will raise property values and give residents an opportunity to earn a living without leaving the area. If some of them are manufacturing companies, they will tend to need more workers than retail spaces. Limiting the type of businesses allowed into the community is the best way to restrict development while retaining property values.

Encouraging young people ready to settle down and raise a family is the best way to revitalize an area, and allowing a small amount of growth could begin the trend with little investment on the part of the community. Encouraging just one small business to come into a town will provide residents with jobs, and it can attract new people to buy and refurbish older homes.